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Module 07

Posted on Monday, March 14, 2011 by Angel

Module 07: Structure of Research Reports
Posted by: Angelita P. Oblianda
Sources: Interactive Technical Writing by P.C. Villamarzo et al.



           Just like any other academic paper, a research report generall contains three essential parts and they are as follows:

1. The Introductory Paragraphs

         This part explains why the subject has been chosen, summarizes the past studies or previous researches about the subject, paves the way for the present research by indicating that the previous researches may have missed something, states the purpose and the significance of the present research, and the ends with the thesis statement or the research problem. 

2. The Body

          This is the longest and the most substantial part. It includes the critical review of related materials and studies ;describes the research design and method; and presents, analyze, and interprets the data gathered. Tables and graphs may be used to support ideas. 

3. The Concluding Paragraphs

          These present the summary of the study, conclusions, and recommendations that the researcher has generated after analyzing and evaluating the data. the primary purpose of the conclusion is to end the paper, not to say something new.
          After , you are at the editing stage. As has been pointed out in the first chapter, you have to edit your paper until it is almost perfect. During the editing process, check your spelling, punctuation marks, word choice, and sentence structures. Next, find out how you can improve the expression of ideas, their clarity, logical sequence, coherence, and organization.

         Lastly, write or encode your final paper. If you are working with a team, each member must take an active part in all the stages of the research process.

Here is a checklists to guide you in your editing and revision:

A. On Topic and Support

     1. Is the topic clearly presented?
     2. Has it been adequately narrowed?
     3. Is the thesis sufficiently supported by details?
     4. Are the details clear and convincing?

B. On Organization

     1. Are ideas logically  and clearly presented?
     2. Are there appropriate transitions within and between the paragraphs?
     3. Does the research report contains all the necessary parts? 
     4. Are the parts of the research report coherent adequately discussed?

C. On The Use Of Sources

     1. Are sources used varied?
     2. Are they properly cited or documented?
     3.Are the sources indicated in a bibliography or list of references?
     4. Are the entries in the list complete?

D. On Style and Readability
     1. Is the language used formal?
     2.Are the words familiar and Easy to Understand?
     3. Are there difficult terms that have not been defined?
     4. Are the sentence structures varied?

Think of a topic which you can relate on. Make a report that contains the three essential parts; the introduction, the body and the conclusion.

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